Sunday, February 26, 2006

Where I'm starting from

To kick things off here's a quick synopsis of stocks I own. All are listed on the TSX.

Biovail (BVF)
Parlay Entertainment Inc. (PEI)
Nuvo Research Inc. (NRI)
Canwest Mediaworks Income Fund (CWM.UN)
iUnits international equity (XIN)

As you can see, these stocks are all over the map. Biovail, Parlay and NRI are vestiges of my volatile growth-stock days. The iUnits ETF was my RRSP selection this year. And the income trust I bought because it makes me feel better about my job's woeful job security. I'm a newspaper owner. I don't know why getting a cheque for $15 every month makes me feel better about looming unemployment, but it does.

I'll have more to say on why I bought each of these companies - and a few more I'm going to buy once my tax return comes in - but that's where we stand for now.


Anonymous said...

do not care for Biovail, they miss their numbers, very volatile.
intead of making news on new products and earings growth ussually in the news over who they will take to court.


GIV said...

Thanks Ron,

I wouldn't buy Biovail myself today, but I hold on to it for two reasons: it now pays a dividend, and I can't get over that psychological hurdle of selling at a loss.

Thanks for the comment,

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