Monday, April 03, 2006

Too rich for my blood

Every day, a new record high for the TSX. Revenues at oil and mining companies seem to slow a little, but soon enough, business continues to boom. Even the alleged "no-brainers" (Canadian bank stocks) have P/E ratios much higher than those in the US, Japan and Europe...

Is it me, or is the TSX looking a little overvalued right now?

What's a budding value investor to do?


Market Participant said...

Income trusts and REITs of course!

Anonymous said...

There are still values to be had..check out a few small cap "tech" type companies, such as Calian Technologies, Mediagrif Interactive, Softchoice, etc. The first two are awash in cash, no debt, steady earnings...Softchoice has a small amount of debt. All three have low PEs (especially once you adjust for the cash), and Calian and Softchoice pay a good dividend to boot. Check out my blog at