Monday, April 23, 2007

Trading note -- Bring on more bank fees, I say

Made my first stock purchase in a while last week. I'm pleased to say that like 99% of Canadian investors, I'm now a happy owner of bank stocks. I put $3200 into BMO shares. Yes, yes, I know that BMO's currently trading at an all-time high -- but we're talking about the big banks here, people: the old rules don't apply. I'm not expecting my shares to skyrocket overnight so I can cash out in a few weeks time, but in terms of buy-and-hold Canadian dividend investing, the banks really are no-brainers. I'm confident my tiny stake in BMO will do what I hope it will -- slowly grow over time, giving me dependable capital gains and a steadily increasing dividend payout.

That'll probably be the last position I'll be instigating in Canada for a while now, because barring a major market correction, the whole TSX looks a tad pricey to me. As per my asset allocation targets, my next purchase will probably be to pad up my international holdings -- most likely via an emerging market ETF since I currently have no exposure to that sector.

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