Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rejigged links

Just a quick note to point out I'm reorganizing my links. I'm giving preferential positioning to Canadian-based financial blogs now, as I find it's helpful to have a Canadian perspective on a lot of these issues. I'm pretty sure we all share largely similar readerships, anyway.

To non-Canadian bloggers, don't fret. Your links may have temporarily been lost in the ether, but don't take it personally -- I'll have them all back up shortly under their own category. I still read you all every day, I promise! I'm even adding some recently discovered foreign gems to my revamped blogroll.

Some topics really are universal, but when it comes to RRSP advice, you're not much help.

You're still my number one resource if I ever need to choose an HMO or set up a 401K, though... :)

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