Friday, July 13, 2007

Tech support

Forgive the non sequitur, but technical help from any HTML idiot savants I happen to have as readers out there is greatly appreciated on this one.

According to Statcounter my site's hits have fallen off a cliff this week (0 registered on Tuesday, and 1 on Wednesday, and 0 on Thursday) but I know that's not the case because I've had posts and even comments on those days.

In short, I think the same number of people are coming here daily as they always have (usually in a range of between 20-50 unique hits per weekday) but my statcounter isn't registering them for some reason -- thus defeating the purpose of having a statcounter.

I'm on the new blogger template, as I have been for awhile, but something definitely appears to have gone awry this week. Any theories? Do I need to reinstall counter code or re-ping something?

Any bloggers who blog on blogger (how meta!) out there, I'd appreciate some theories.

1 comment:

Krupo said...

This may sound obvious, but make sure the HTML code in your new template has the stat-counter tags in it...