Thursday, December 06, 2007

The claws come out

Apparently you can add the United Way and the Canadian Institue of Actuaries to the clamour of voices calling for a complete overhaul of Canada's Employment Insurance program.

And while you're at it, there's a new adjective at your disposal to describe the rules: draconian.

I must admit I'm a bit mystified as to why this is all happening now, but I guess somebody's getting some serious mileage out of their lobbying dollars.

The truly troubling thing in all this, to me, is that that $54 billion surplus isn't sitting in some bank account somewhere -- it's actually rolled over into government spending with the promise to pay it back if it's ever needed. Does that sound like a deal you'd like to sign up for? An entity taking $54 billion more of your money than it needs in exchange for a service, with the nebulous promise that it'll be reimbursed to you should the need ever arise? I don't think so. Why not -- oh, I don't know -- put a stop on more contributions until that surplus has been eaten into a little?

I can't wait to see who else steps up to kick EI in the teeth while it's staggering on the mat. My guess? The Canadian Taxpayers Federation. But I'd also bet the Libertarian Party of Canada is lacing up a steel-toed boot as we speak.

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