Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Excel(lent) post

It should be painfully obvious at this point that I'm no numbers whiz. Which is why I love programs like Microsoft Excel, because it enables me to actually track how my investments are doing without having my head explode.

I know my way around the program, but I'm eternally grateful to The Dividend Guy for this link where he provides a handy formula for precisely calculating what the future value of your investments might be if you stay on your current track - provided you can hit your performance assumptions, that is.

UPDATE: I had originally credited Canadian Capitalist for the above, before CC graciously pointed out I had mis-linked to a Dividend Guy post. Apologies all round. Don't let the fact that I read them both (and am apparently inept) take away from the fact that they're both great. :)

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Canadian Capitalist said...

GIV: Thanks for the mention :)

A gentle correction: The Excel post is from The Dividend Guy.