Thursday, October 26, 2006

My morning smile

Thanks to Ramit over at for drawing my attention to this today:

How much time do you spend reading blogs vs. your personal finances?

I know people like this. They'll happily spend 15 hours a week making sure their Battlestar Galactica fansite is 100% up to date, but they don't know what an RRSP is. Or how much the interest rate on their $6,000 credit card debt is.


educatedrisk said...

Grins, or how much time you spend a day watching tv, playing video games, talking on a phone or my personal favourite chatting on a messenger service.

Though I am loving audiobooks.

Great photo by the way.

mcx said...

Was in Brantford today for your Christmas show. Loved it. Schyler is really improving. Will he be another Justin Bieber someday? Also your mention of going to Toronto tonite for your departure tomorrow brought back great memories of last year when your whole family and I and 499 others left for Hawaii. Hope you can blog from Panama – love hearing from you. Didn’t go on this trip because I have already been thru Panama. Have a great trip.

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