Friday, October 20, 2006

Nickels and dimes

"I never have any money," a friend lamented to me this week. "I don't understand why -- I earn a good salary but it all seems to be gone as soon as it comes in," he said as he paid the $1.50 service charge to take $20 out of the ATM machine to pay for his $12 movie ticket.

Thirsty after the disappointing movie, I started out on the 10-minute walk to a local pub to grab a drink when he stopped me, gesturing towards the taxicab line in the opposite direction, and telling me to get in. "It's on me," he said.

Six dollars (and 5 minutes) later, we got out and went in to find a table. Three beers later, on my walk home, I find myself thinking, once again, about his financial predicament.

"I think I know where the money goes," I think to myself.

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