Friday, December 15, 2006

Free money? Good. Unexpected free money? Better

When I set up my automated savings program at ING Direct to automatically deduct a chunk of every paycheque back in September, I liked the idea mainly because it would force me to save. It wasn’t too difficult to get myself to live off of about 3/4 of my usual paycheque. And the balance would be socked away, working for me at a generous 3.5% rate, making my eventual downpayment on a house as big as it could be.

Sure, an added bonus was the possibility that I’d win one of the bank’s quarterly draws for $10,000, but I wasn’t really counting on it.

But when I checked my account today, there was great little bit of news for me:

11-Dec-2006  ASP Setup Bonus - $20

Apparently ING has been good enough to front me an extra $20, just for setting up the automated payment program. Sure it’s only 20 bucks, but it really brought a smile to my face. Especially since I didn’t know that was part of the deal when I set up the process.

What a great bank.

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