Friday, December 01, 2006

How much blogger does $25,465 get you these days?

Apparently, this much.

Just a note to say I've started one of those handy NetworthIQ graphics on the sidebar of this page to help me track my long-term progress.

After entering my data, I see I'm currently worth $25,465 -- a 1.77% increase from last month.

Let's hope that little line keeps pointing up.


Alex | said...

Hey, congrats on moving up! That's more than I can say for myself. Since we started tracking it last month, our net worth has gone down. Hopefully we will start tracking up this December as well, as we get settled into our new house. I might also sign up for one of these Net Worth IQ things, they look pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Did you convert all your figures to USD so you have a basis for comparison with your peers? What did you put for your zip code?

I am interested in NetWorth IQ as well, but I'm not sure what I want to do about the above and would be interested in hearing your take.


GIV said...

To Anonymous:

These are Canadian figures. AS far as I can tell, the system doesn't appear to allow for Canadian data. It assumes US greenbacks, but the numbers you see for me are Canadian.

The zip code I entered was 10001 -- a downtown NYC code. That's not where I am, but I put it down since it's the only US Zip code I know off by heart [well, that and 90210 :) ]

I would have preferred to leave the zip code blank but the system doesn't allow it. (Again, as far as I know.)

As such, I'm being compared with other NYC residents. I don't really care, since I didn't start it to keep up with the Joneses and see how I stack up to other people in terms of money. But it does mean my numbers are being compared to my geographical "peers" in the richest city in america.

Also, there was no job category for media/journalist, which is what I am. I went with "other" and once again I think that opens me up to being grouped with people who ghave some off-the-wall lucrative careers.

Once again, all the $ symbols are in Canadian dollars.